Seasonal Roofing



Longtime New York residents anticipate rain all-year round, but nothing can prepare us for the drastic temperature drops and snow that typically arrives between November and April. On average, the snowiest months of the year are January and February. With average daily high temperatures between 38 and 41 degrees, we can see why it’s most likely to snow in the new year.

Bizarre Benefit Of A Snowy Rooftop 

Snow on the roof is not always bad or a danger to the integrity of your roof and home. A light layer of snow can actually assist in insulating and maintaining the warmth in your home. It also creates an acoustic panel right on top of your home that muffles sound. This creates a more peaceful and serene ambiance in your home. Peace and quiet truly gives all of the White Christmas, off-from-school-snow-day feels!

There’s Always A Catch 

If your attic is not properly insulated, heat can escape and cause snow to melt and pool on your roof. Snow is a silent killer, rain comes on loud and fast, but snow goes slow. The damage comes during the melting phase and it slowly seeps into the home. Should you have broken shingles, damaged flashing, or any other issue, the water may be able to seep into your roof and ceilings! This will cost you hundreds of dollars in damages, and hours of headaches on the phone with roofing companies. 

Where There’s A Catch, There’s A Save

While accidents and unfortunate things happen all the time, there are measures and precautions one can take to help mitigate any weather related roof attacks. If you’re reading this mid-crisis, you know your roof was not properly equipped to protect you from harsh weather conditions. Our job is to make sure that your roof is in tip top condition and, if not, we can repair it! Perhaps you’ve survived the first snow unscathed, but you’re nervous that your roof may not make it through the season. Fear not, we can inspect your roof and recommend any shingle, gutter, flashing, re-crowning, siding repairs or replacements that will keep your roof healthy! We’re striving to keep your home free of water, damages, and harsh weather!

We also offer annual maintenance programs that combine our most highly recommended services, and tackle homeowners’ most common issues. We are here to solve any signs of roof failure, damage, and decay. 

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