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Asphalt Shingles

Abraham Roofing is a pioneer in the roof building industry and a leader in providing homeowners only with the most advanced protection shingles. Abraham Roofing utilizes industry professionals for roofing installation and as such offers a warranty which covers both labor and material for a significant duration. This comprehensive roof warranties provided can be utilized at any time throughout entirety of the given warranty’s existence and is backed by physical hard copy contracts which both the company and the homeowner shall retain perpetually.

The most commonly used roof material in Northeast is the asphalt shingle. Asphalt shingles are reinforced with fiber glass or paper and have various durability ranges. Asphalt shingles are economical and versatile they work well on steep slope roofs, are sunlight and weather resistant – required little to no maintenance. They come in all kinds of colors and profiles which complement individual style and increase the value of your home.

Modern manufacturing technology grants the ability to manufacture environmentally safe asphalt shingles that offer superb toughness and performance. These shingles are made using a combination of weatherproof asphalt, fiberglass, granules, and adhesive to withstand high speed winds and varied weathering. The weight distribution on the shingles offers high resistance to wind uplift, keeping water from penetrating to underneath material. The technology utilized in building these shingles allows for superior ventilation thus neutralizes moisture buildup which is damaging to the roof.
Abraham Roofing employs seasoned veterans of this field and we are fully equipped to handle the proper quality installation that will last for years to come. Contact us today for more information regarding shingles and more by calling 1.800.347.0913.